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Social Media Revolution & What it Means for Employers

A number of my blog posts have discussed the importance of having an employee policy applicable to social media – think Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. These posts have generally discussed specific risks that employers are exposed to as a result of  the increased use of social media by employees. Click here (Another Reason for Employers to be Wary of Social Media – Unfair and Deceptive Acts) and here (Digital Security Report: Social Networking Sites Expand Risks for Employers) for representative posts.

I recently ran across a phenomenal video, Social Media Revolution, that brilliantly puts into perspective the significance of social media (a big thanks to Wizard Media’s Jimena Cortes for sharing this video).

Also, a recent study tries to quantify the impact social media has on employers. The study by the Network Box (article  discussing the report is available here) notes that 6.8% of all business internet traffic going to Facebook. This means that approximately 7 times out of 100, the site visited by an employee at an average business is Facebook.

There is no single best approach for managing social media risks. Similarly, there is no single best approach for leveraging the opportunities presented by social media. It is important, however, to take a broad view so that you can operate in full awareness of the risks and opportunities in determining what role social media will play when it comes to your business and employees. With such an awareness, the risks can be managed to best serve your commercial endeavors.

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April 18, 2010 at 10:02 pm

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