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Personal Information of 600 Million Cardholders Potentially Exposed in Data Breach

warningA prior post, The Silver Bullet for Business Success in the New Year: Respond Well, discussed the impact that data breaches and related legislation would have on companies in 2009. In this regard, it was reported this week that a data breach of a major payment processor, Heartland Payment Systems, was compromised. This breach potentially exposes the personal data of 600 million or more cardholders. It was also reported that perpetrators of this breach introduced a “sniffer” software program  ( “sniffing” is a program that monitors information, or data packets, transmitted  over a network. Click here for more information) as early as May 2008, but Heartland did not detect the breach until it was alerted to the activity in late fall 2008. Click here for Heartland’s Press release and here for the New York Time’s report of this incident. In the meantime, carefully monitor your your credit card statements and be prepared to report any unrecognized transactions to your credit card company. Thanks to my colleague, Howard Lax, for alerting me to this news.


Written by Jason Shinn

January 21, 2009 at 10:47 am

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